Good website Design & branding gets a bad rap.
people seem to think it's going to take a year & cost more than a new car.
not to mention the stress of it all.

I set out to create a new brand & website experience that feels like a breeze & leaves you cruising confidently instead of treading water.

say hello to the cruise & create retreat!

Join me aboard an actual cruise ship and set sail for relaxation & productivity.

That's right. A Business Retreat & an Ocean Getaway in one!

If you're currently staring at your screen dreaming of a vacation but still want to be productive in your business, then this is the perfect fit!

come home with a tan, feeling rejuvenated, and a killer new brand & website design in the works. Feel confident & ready to kick off the next phase of your business goals!

wanna getaway?

Invite your business bestie!
share a cabin, book excursions & toast to you & your business!

what to expect when setting sail on a cruise & create retreat

how it works

bon voyage, hello new you!

register for a voyage from the available cruise & create dates

select & Book your airfare and cabin

meet me & others like you aboard the ship

1 on 1 meetups to discuss creative direction

Enjoy your cruise! hang with other attendees, book excursions, relax at the spa, hit the shops, enjoy poolside drinks, or work remotely if you need to!

join retreat attendee dinners or meetups

cross off 'new website & branding' from your to do list!

Go for launch & pop some bubbly!

do i book my own cruise & airfare?

Yes. This is just like a lot of small business retreats only this is at sea.

JUST LIKE other RETREATS where you need to ORGANIZE YOUR OWN HOTEL & transportation, YOU will need to BOOK YOUR OWN travel & cabin.

what is included in the retreat fee?

you are booking a retreat design package. Meaning you will get 1 on 1 meetups with me to discuss your business, branding and WEBSITE design. like other retreats, you will have a timeline & opportunities for meetups and get connected with other attendees.


can i share a cabin with other attendees?

Cabin and airfare decisions are entirely up to you. You can book what you want. i do not handle any of the cabin arrangements.

are group meetups mandatory?

Nope! You are welcome to participate in as much or as little of the group meetups as you desire. Our 1 on 1 meetups are the only required get together, otherwise, I won't know anything about you & your business to work on your branding and website design, haha!

can I bring a spouse or friend? IS THIS COED?

you are welcome to bring anyone with you on the trip, i simply ask that you be respectful of the other retreat attendees and ask your travel partner to explore the ship during our 1 on 1 and group meetups. 

Is there wifi?

I only select cruise ships that offer wifi. IF WIFI IS IMPORTANT TO YOU, I recommend confirming with the cruiseline during your booking if the wifi is complimentary or what you need to access it. there are often wifi opportunities at ports in cafes and hotels too. if the wifi signal is not strong while at sea, you will need to address that with the cruiseline as it is outside of my control.

is this a business expense?

Check with your accountant as things differ depending on where you live, but it should be. Just like a retreat or convention, this will likely fall under education business expenses. 

what should I bring?

pack for a trip! Follow the cruiselines suggestions on what to bring & don't forget necessary id such as a passport. For the retreat i recommend bringing your laptop &/or tablet, notebook, and anything you want to show and share with me about your business when we have our 1 on 1 meetups.

Will I come home with a live website?

During our 1 on 1 meetups we will be going over your Business Foundations, Discussing Branding & website design. I will be taking notes as we discuss what you need and brainstorm ideas. After the retreat, I take those notes and begin designing your brand and website. This means you don't have to stress or feel pressured to make all the final decisions while enjoying the trip. You will be able to make adjustments in the weeks following and launch with total confidence!

what happens if something comes up and i miss the trip?

I'll be bummed. You'll be bummed. But things happen. I will offer you 3 choices. 1 - move to a different voyage DATE, 2 - sell your voyage package to another person (discuss this with me prior to doing this), or 3 - move to a custom design package. everything regarding your cruise booking and airfare will need to be worked out with those individual companies, i am not responsible or able to refund bookings outside of my services.

don't forget to have fun along the way!

owning and scaling a small business is tough work...